Aluminum Foil Tape
High quality and cheap price aluminum foil tape China supplier, aluminum tape fo... more +
Decorative Light PVC Paper Aluminum Foil For Celing Film
China supplier decorative light pvc paper aluminum foil for ceiling film, alumin... more +
Food Foil - Aluminum Foil Manufacturer For Food Container
8011, 1235, 1145, thickness 0.009-0.023mm food aluminum foil manufacturer from C... more +
Medicine Aluminum Foil
High quality and healty medical aluminum foil manufacturer, blister packaging of... more +
Battery Aluminum Foil
Haomei is a factory prfessioanl at aluminum foil producing, we can supply high q... more +
Color Aluminum Foil
Haomei provide high quality and cheap price color aluminum foil for aluminum use... more +
AC Aluminum Foil
High quality and cheap price AC aluminum foil manufacturer in China, 0.09-0.15mm... more +
The Magic Uses of Household Aluminum Foil
The household aluminum foil is of wide application in barbecue, peeling, cold st... more +
The Surface Treatment of Embossed Aluminum Coil
The are different surface treatments for the embossed aluminum coil. If you like... more +
The Common Embossed Aluminum Sheet Metal Size
The embossed aluminum sheet metal size and thickness is a frequently asked quest... more +
What Is An Aluminum Sheet 2mm
The aluminum sheet 2 mm is a common thickness, which has rich kinds such as 2 mm... more +
Different Types of Aluminum Circles for Pan
Aluminum circle is a main raw material for pan including common aluminum circle... more +
What Are Properties of Aluminum Blister Foil
The commonly used aluminum blister foil are generally 8011, 8021 and 1235. What... more +
Several Low Price Aluminum Strips
The low price aluminium strips include 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003, 3004,etc. They ar... more +
How To Cut Aluminum Sheet?
How to cut aluminum sheet? Here are the methods to cut the aluminum sheet, profe... more +
The Pros and Cons of Aluminum Bottle Cap Material
What are the pros and cons of aluminum bottle cap material? Haomei Aluminum, alu... more +
What Is 7075 Aluminum Plate
The 7075 aluminum plate is an important aircraft aluminium sheet. What are its p... more +
Flexible Aluminum Strips for LED Lighting
Flexible aluminum strips have wide application in LED Lighting such as LED strip... more +
Aluminum Strips For Stair Manufacturing
High quality and cheap price 6063 aluminum strips for stair manufacturing, anodi... more +
6061 Thick Aluminium Sheet for Molds
6061 thick aluminium sheet is used for different kinds of molds because of the s... more +
What Is the Application of Aluminum Strip 5 mm
Aluminum strip 5 mm is a popular width. It is often used for cosmetic cap and ca... more +
The Choices of Bendable Aluminum Sheets
5000 series aluminum sheet such as 5052 and 6000 series are usually chosen in th... more +
The Application of Aluminum Coils for Sale in Construction
Aluminum coils for sale in construction can be used for insulation and decoratio... more +
The Casting Process of Air Conditioner Foil
To get quality air conditioner foil, we should pay attention to the melting and... more +
The Popular Types of Embossed Aluminum Tread Plates
5 bar and orange peel embossed tread plate are two popular types of embossed alu... more +
Aluminum Sheet Backsplash Plate
High quality aluminum sheet backsplash manufacturer, aluminum sheet backsplash p... more +
The Aluminium Foil Packaging Features
Since the aluminium foil packaging is super practical and colorful, the packing... more +
How to Store Aluminum Strips for Face Masks
To ensure the quality of the aluminum strips for face masks, how to store the th... more +
The Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll for Aircraft Lunch Boxes
Why do the aircraft lunch boxes use aluminum foil jumbo roll instead of plastic?... more +
How to Store Polished Aluminium Sheet
Once the polished aluminum sheet is not properly stored, it may be oxidized and... more +
Different Packaging Material: Aluminum,Paper,Plastic,Glass
Compared with other packaging materials, aluminum household foil has multiple ad... more +
What Are the Alloy Used in Medical Aluminum Foil
The common alloys in medical aluminum foil is 1060,1060,8079,8021and 8011 alumin... more +
What Are the Uses of Flexible Aluminum Strips
The flexible aluminum strips cover aluminum strip 1100,3004 and 5052 in soft and... more +
The Advantages of 24″ Aluminum Trim Coil
Aluminum trim coil is for decorating your home's outside building surfaces such... more +
Color Coated Aluminium Coil
Compared with the common aluminum coils, what are the advantages of color coated... more +
Aluminum Trim Coil Thickness and Sizes
Which thickness and sizes of aluminum trim coil should you choose? Facing to a v... more +
3003 Stucco Sheet Metal V 5052 Embossed Aluminum Sheet
What are differences and application scope of 3003 and 5052 embossed aluminium s... more +

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