How to Deal With The Scratches of Soft Aluminum Strip

The quality aluminum strip stock should be no high temperature indentation, no residual stress and no deformation after shearing. It should also have the needed bending strength and will not expand and deform under the different climates.

But during the production and transportation, there will be some scratches on the aluminum strip because of improper operations. How to deal with them?

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Let’s first have a look of the reasons:
1. That’s because of the segregation of the impurities in the aluminum ingot when there is no homogenization or the homogenization treatment is not good. When the metal flows through the working belt during the kneading process, these segregation floats or solid metal particles adhere to the surface of the working belt or cause damage to the working belt, and eventually scratch the surface of the aluminum strip.

2. There are debris on the working belt. When it touches the aluminum belt, it scratches the surface of the aluminum.

3. There are metal or hard inclusions on the related processing equipment. Because the processing speed is too fast, the aluminum strip is bruised.

4. The artificially dragging of the aluminum strip causes the scratches.

5. The soft aluminum strips conflict with each other to cause damage during transportation.

The solutions given by the aluminum strip roll supplier:

1. Strengthen the quality control of the soft aluminum strip.

2. Minimize the touch damage of the aluminum strip and assistive devices.

3. Use soft felt to block the aluminum strip roll from the auxiliary equipment. Try to avoid dragging or flipping the aluminum strip at will, and sort out foreign objects on the felt in time.

4. Handle with care during production and try to avoid conflicts with each other.

5. Place the soft aluminum strip in the outer packaging reasonably.

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