What Is Aluminum Tread Plate Price

The diamond tread sheet is a kind of product is processed by the ordinary aluminum plate or aluminum coil through the embossing process. The common patterns are 5 bar, compass, orange peel and lenti. 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4 mm are the common thickness.

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The aluminum tread plate price consists of two parts: aluminum ingot price + processing fee.The aluminum ingot price refers to the average closing price of the Yangtze River spot A00 aluminum ingot, which can be found online. The processing fee is related to the product specifications required by the customer.

3 mm aluminum checker plate price is the lowest among the diamond tread sheets. Its processing technology is simple and the general manufacturer will have its stock. The 3mm aluminum checker plate is of stable performance and good surface effect, so its application is the widest.

1 mm diamond tread plate is usually used for the outer shell. Since its thickness is not as thick as 3mm, its yield strength is not very high. It can only be used in the application of products that do not require high thickness.

2mm aluminum tread plate largely compensates for the shortcomings of 3mm and 1mm aluminum checker plate. It is more used on the bottom liner to play a simple anti-slip effect. 4mm aluminum checker plate is of a relatively low price and high yield strength.

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