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PE PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coils

Color coated aluminum coilis to color processing on the surface of alumium sheet, the common one is PVDF color coatd aluminum coils. PVDF color coated aluminum coil is widely used in aluminum composite panel, aluminum ceiling, roofing, aluminum cans, electric products, etc. Because of light weight, stable performance and not easy to be corrosion.

Advantages Of Haomei PE PVDF Color Coatd Aluminum Coils


No composite high temperature press indentation on surface, no residual stress on plate surface, no deformation after cut;


The pattern is real natural and colorful, can be deigned to all kinds of pattern according to customer's needs, varity choice;

Weather resistance:

Through high temperature to final pattern, stable color performance, no fading, PE color coated aluminum coils can use above 10 years, PVDF color coated aluminum coils is more than 20 years;


High strength, not bend, deform and swell because of bad weather;

Environment protection:

Resistant to salt and alkali acid rain, it will not corrode and produce germs, will not release any toxic gases, and will not cause corrosion of keel and fixing parts, flame retardancy.

No matter in residential house or large scale commercial convention center, color coated aluminum coil can make the building more colorful and fashion. Welcome to consult us get a free quote about PE PVDF color cotad aluminum coils. Email:

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