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2024 aluminum sheet is a typical hard aluminum alloy, with reasonable composition and pretty good comprehensive performance. The 2024 aluminum sheet plate is high strength, heat resistance, can use the working spare parts under 150°C.

Features Of 2024 Aluminum Sheet Alloy

Under hot condition, annealing and new quenching condition all has good forming properties;

The heat treatment effect is obvious, but the requirement of heat treatment processing technology is strict;

The corrosion resistance is poor, but it can be effectively protected by pure aluminum coating. Welding is easy to produce cracks, but use special technology can be welding, can also be riveting.

2024 Aluminum Sheet Alloy Application

Aircraft structure;

Rivets, missile components;

Truck hub, propeller components and other structural components.

2024 Aluminum Sheet Hardness

2024-H112: HB85

2024-T3: HB120-145

2024-T351: HB120-145

2024-O: HB40

We supply 0.3-350mm 2024 aluminum sheet plate for aluminum users, any requirements and details, welcome to consult us. Email:

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