What Is Manufacturing Process of Prefinished Aluminum Coil

The prefinished aluminum coil is one of the important products in the aluminum processing industry. The production of aluminum trim coil includes degreasing of aluminum substrate, chemical pretreatment and coating process. A typical coating system requires the product to have formability, beautiful surface, good weather resistance, paintability, etc.

The choice of coating for color coated aluminum coil can be considered according to the needs of its application fields and project cost. According to the weather resistance and anti-corrosion performance of the coating, the coatings are followed by PVDF fluorocarbon (polyene), HDP high weather resistance polyester, PE polyester and other coatings.

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For curing, the aluminum coil passes through a curing oven set at a preset temperature to ensure that volatiles are removed from the aluminum coil and that the coating is fully cured. According to system requirements, the curing temperature is generally set between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius. The protective film of the product is customized according to customer needs, and the protective film is attached with customary additional information, such as paint and brand details. These protective films have no impact on the environment and are easy to recycle.

For color aluminum products, the most important process is the technical level of color aluminum coating. The roller coating process is currently the most effective way to apply organic protective coatings. The roller coating process is a continuous and highly automated process, and the products produced have better consistency than the post-coating method.

In the first step, in the import section, the raw aluminum coil is sent to the production line, and is flattened by a flattening machine. This process ensures that the product has excellent flatness. Aluminum coils go into the stocker. There are two reels here to ensure that one of them is always on standby to maintain continuity in the production line.

In the second step, the production line continues to work, driving the subsequent procedures. During pretreatment, the aluminum coil is repeatedly cleaned by water spraying, which can improve the anti-corrosion performance of the product and improve the adhesion of the coating. During this stage, a conversion coating is chemically formed on the aluminum surface.

The third step is the painting process. The painting process is mainly divided into two stages, called primer and topcoat. In the first stage, the aluminum coil is primed on one or both sides by a roll coater. After drying, the aluminum coil passes through a second roller coater, where one or both sides of the aluminum coil are coated with a topcoat.

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