The Service Life of Color Coated Aluminum Coil

The color coated aluminum coil is often used for the roofing system of buildings. Its weather resistance and service life attracts many customer’s attention. There are two kinds of coating aluminum coils: PVDF and Polyester aluminum coil. Lets have a look together.

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PVDF coated aluminum coil

This is a durable colored aluminum coil with a long service life, generally up to 20-30 years. At present, our common large steel structures such as stadiums, railway station waiting rooms, theaters use it as the roofing material. Considering the long service life, the Fluorocarbon color coated aluminum coil is a primary choice.

Polyester coated aluminum coil

The service life of polyester coated aluminum coil is about 10-15 years, which is usually used for the enterprise workshops and walls. It is an economic choice for those building which is not required to have a very long service life. It is of good adhesion and medium chemical resistance.

As for which one to choose, we need to consider many factors such as the specific use, application environments and pressure endurance. For those regions where there is heavy rain or snow, we should choose a thicker and stronger coated aluminum coil.

The color coated coil is of long service life, light weight, and high strength. It is especially suitable for the roof and walls. The service life is particularly long. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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