Top Four Popular Aluminum Foil for Sale

The aluminum foil is of a wide application like cigarette packaging,food packaging, bottle cap material, foil wire wrap, aircon aluminum foil,aluminum blister foil,etc. For meeting different applications, there are also different grades of aluminum foil for sale including 1060, 1100,1050,3003,8011,8021,etc. Among them, the commonly used ones are 8011, 1235, 3003 and 1060.

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8011 Aluminum foil

It has a better performance than pure aluminum foil. The common tempers are H18, H16, H22 and O. 8011 aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging, medicine packaging, milk lid material, sealing foil. The aluminum foil thickness for food is 0.02mm-0.07mm. It can be also used in cable foil, which is similar to 3003 aluminum foil, but is not commonly used in electronic foil.

1235 Aluminum foil

The aluminum content of 1235 aluminum foil is not less than 99.35%. The common thickness is 0.018-0.2mm. It is widely used in cable wire wrapping, battery foil and foil tape because of its excellent anti-rust properties, formability and welding properties.

The 1235 aluminum foil for wire wrapping is mainly based on the airtightness and shielding of the aluminum foil to effectively prevent external electromagnetic interference from entering the cable, while preventing internal signal radiation from radiating out and interfering with other equipment.

3003 aluminum foil

It belong to Al-Mn alloy series. It has excellent anti-rust properties. Its strength is 10% higher than that of 1100 aluminum alloy. It has good formability, corrosion resistance and weldability, which is often used in the electronic field.

1060 Aluminum foil

The aluminum content of 1060 aluminum foil is as high as 99.6%, which is a widely used industrial pure aluminum foil. 1060 aluminum foil has excellent corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and good processing performance, which makes it an excellent raw material for aluminum foil gaskets, auto parts, capacitors, food packaging, electronic labels and other products.

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