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Aluminum Honeycomb Sheet

Aluminum honeycomb is suitable to apply in civil construction, aviation industry, car and boat decoration, etc. Haomei make high quality aluminum honeycomb, the entire processing process is completed in a modern factory, using hot press forming technology, due to the high heat transfer value between the aluminum skin and the honeycomb, the thermal expansion and contraction of the inner and outer aluminum skins are synchronized; the honeycomb aluminum skin has small holes, so that the gas inside the plate can be free flow; the slidable mounting buckle system does not cause structural deformation during thermal expansion and contraction.

The Parameters Of Aluminum Honeycomb In Haomei

Density (kg/m³)3.6~5.3
Unevenness< 0.2mm
Plate thermal resistance value0.026m2.k/w
Equivalent thermal conductivity0.88w/m.k
Sound insulation29dB
Modulus of elasticity4×104MN/m²
Bending tensile strength≥83MN/m²
Shear strength2MN/m²
Stiffness (kN.m2)1.0 to 23.0
Fire ratingB1 (GIN) [1]

We adopt special bake technology, ensure coating adhesion and color uniformity and saturation. Any details and info about aluminum honeycomb, welcome to consult us:

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