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Aluminum plate is a sign product maked by aluminum material, with the functions of guide, warn, info transfer, and advertising.

Aluminum plate is one kind of aluminum plate in all plate, usually use aluminum sheet processing and cut to final shape.

Common processes: highlighting (polishing), corrosion, oxidation, drawing, laser carving, electroplating, spraying, point paint, enamel, baking paint, reflective, luminous printing and other processes.

Surface content color: screen printing, four-color offset printing, heat transfer printing to complete the color effect, can print a variety of text, number, design and other content.

Application Of Aluminum Plate

Electronics, electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, air conditioning, television, LCD display, navigator, automobile, auto parts, electric MMC, door industry, anti-theft door, furniture, kitchen utensils, office supplies, bathroom, audio, luggage, accessories, various wine boxes, tea boxes, moon cake packaging, gift packaging boxes and other products LOGO.

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