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O H14 H24 1060 Aluminum Coil

1060 aluminum coil is the aluminum content reached 99.6% aluminum coil, is a common aluminum coil. We manufacture 1060 aluminum coil with professional production line, and output 1060 aluminum coil with high quality but reasonable. We also have 1060 aluminum sheet.

O H14 H24 1060 Aluminum Coil Features And Advantages

  • With good elongation and tensile strength, high form ability;

  • High plasticity, wear-resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity;

  • Easy to handle all kinds of pressure processing and bend;

  • Low strength, if without heat treatment to strengthen, machinability is not good, can accept contact welding, gas welding;

1060 Aluminum Coil Chonioal Composition


O H14 H24 1060 Aluminum Coil Mechanical Properties

Aluminium alloy & temper
Tensile Strength

Rp0.2/MpaProof Strength
Percentage elongation after fracture


The Widely Application Of 1060 Aluminum Coil

O H14 H24 1060 aluminum coil is most used in the products with low requirements for strength, 1060 aluminum coil common used in sign, construction building appearance decoration, kitchen washing tank, lights, thin sheet processing parts, welding spare parts, heat exchanger, decoration goods, etc.

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