Aluminum Sheet Plate

Aircraft Aluminum Sheet

The aircraft need high conveying efficiency and good fly performance, so need the structure material is low density, excellent performance, high strength, high toughness, anti-fatiguem corrosion resistance, high weldability.

Aluminum can be strengthened and toughened by adding elements such as zinc, magnesium, copper and lithium. High-strength aluminum alloys have been used as the main structural materials for commercial aircraft since the 1930s due to their high specific strength, specific modulus and good fracture toughness, fatigue and corrosion resistance.

Aircraft aluminum sheets main include 2XXX, 7XXX, 6XXX aluminum alloy, and the related products include rolled sheets, extrusions and forgings

  • 2XXX airplane aluminum: Good damage tolerance performance;

  • 7XXX aircraft aluminum: High strength and stress corrosion resistance;

Haomei Supply Aircraft Aluminum Sheet Parameters

Alloy : 6061 7075

Temper: HO, T4,T6,T651


Width: 20-2600mm

Surface: mill finished, brushed, anodized, polished etc.

Except used for aircraft aluminum sheet. The aluminum alloy is widely used in building, auto parts, machinery, roofing, boat, marine service, aviation, air conditioning, oil/storage tank, container, furniture, etc, any requirements for aerospace aluminum sheets, welcome to consult us.

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