What Are The Differences of 5005 and 3003 Aluminum Sheet

5005 aluminum sheet is an Al-Mg aluminum alloy containing 0.5-1.1% magnesium. It has been widely used in the United States. Some big aluminum alloy manufacturers like Haomei in China has owned matured processing technology of 5005 aluminum sheet.

3mm 3003 aluminum sheet.jpgIt is used as an overhead line in the extremely hard temper(H19). Its minimum tensile strength (depending on the diameter) is 230 to 274 MPa, and its minimum electrical conductivity is 31.0 S/m. Its tensile strength is between 1050A and 6101 while its electrical conductivity is similar to that of 6101 and 6201.

3003 aluminum sheet is an Al-Mn aluminum alloy. Manganese significantly increases the recrystallization temperature of aluminum and reduce 3003 aluminum’s electrical conductivity.

If the conductivity of 1050A is taken as 100%, then the 3003 aluminum is only 71% of 1050A, which is 40% IACS.

uses-of-3003-aluminum-sheet.jpgThe 3003 aluminum sheet will be processed into aluminum pipes for high voltage power distribution facilities. This kind of power distribution facilities are of small land occupancy, simple structure, and convenient maintenance. Therefore, 3003 aluminum sheet is widely used in high voltage power distribution devices.

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