How Much Do You Know About 5052 Aluminum Tread Plate

Because of excellent performance and relatively cheap price, aluminum plate has gradually replaced steel and other materials in many fields. Among a wide range of aluminum plates, aluminum tread plate is well known for attractive patterns, beautiful metal luster and obvious decorative effect.

5052 aluminum tread plate.jpgAccording to the aluminum alloy, aluminum tread plate can be divided into pure aluminum tread plate, Al-Mn aluminum checker plate and Al-Mg diamond aluminium tread plate. 5052 aluminum tread plate belongs to Al-Mg aluminium tread plate.

5052 aluminum tread pate uses 5052 aluminum plate as a basis. It is not only strong in hardness and withstanding gravity, but also is of excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosive ability. Therefore, it is an ideal material for ship making.

5052 aluminum tread plate also have many patterns such as five bar, diamond, orange peel. Its thickness ranges from 1.0 mm to 20 mm. With different thickness and patterns, its applications also have some difference.

Although 5052 aluminum tread plate is of superior performance, the proper maintenance will greatly extend its life. When cleaning the 5052 aluminum checker plate, do not forcibly clean it with a hard brush, or use a strong alkaline and strong acid detergent to avoid damage.

The right method is to wash the surface of aluminum tread plate and then wipe the surface by a soft cloth with neutral detergent. After wiping, use a large amount of water to wash away the detergent on the surface of aluminum tread plate.

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