How To Measure The Thickness Of Aluminum Foil

The thickness of aluminum foil for different applications are usually different. According to the thickness, the aluminum foil paper can be divided into light gauge foil and heavy gauge foil. Light gauge foil is about 0.005mm-0.015 mm while the heavy gauge foil is about 0.1~0.2mm. It may a little different in different countries.

roll-type-aluminium-foil-for-capsule-tablets-packaging.jpgHow to measure the thickness of aluminum foil? During the production, we need to measure the aluminum foil thickness frequently. Haomei adopts Honeywell thickness gauges to precisely control the thickness of the aluminum foil produced. First-class equipment and state-of-the-art instruments ensure the printing effect and mechanical properties of aluminium foils, and improve the product's packaging performance and temperature resistance performance.

During the use, you also can get the thickness by simple tools, that is, ruler and milligram balance. Use a ruler to measure the length and width of the aluminum foil in centimeters. Crumple the piece of foil into a small ball or fold it into a small shape and place it on a milligram balance to find the weight. Records the values on a sheet of paper. Then make use of the formula to calculate: density = mass ÷ volume.

To find the thickness is for the right use of aluminum foil. Light gauge foil is generally used in flexible packaging including tobacco, food packaging etc and related industries. Converter foil is 0.07-0.25mm, household aluminum foil is 0.009-0.08mm, ptp aluminum foil is 0.02~0.075 mm.

Haomei aluminum foil thickness is of wide range. Which thickness do you need? Tell us, we give you a latest quotation.

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