Aluminum Foil

Battery Aluminum Foil

Battery aluminum foil is used as a current collector for lithium ion batteries. Haomei is professional aluminum foil manufacture, provide you high quality and cheap price battery aluminum foil.

The Parameter Of Battery Aluminum Foil

  • Battery aluminum foil thickness: 10-50um;

  • Aluminum foil type: 1060, 1050, 1145, 1235;

  • Aluminum alloy state: -O、H14、-H24、-H22、-H18, etc.

The Quality Of Haomei Battery Aluminum Foil

  • The surface of the first aluminum foil has uniform color, cleanness and flatness, and no obvious roll marks, pitting, pinholes and corrosion marks;

  • Aluminum foil surface has no rolling defects such as creases, spots, and bright lines;

  • Aluminum foil has no color difference on the surface;

  • Surface is oil-free, has no serious oil odor, and has no oil spots visible to the naked eye;

  • Surface tension, Dyne pen test is not less than 32 Dyne.

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