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In our daily life, the application of medicine aluminum foil is very wildly and mature, the main uses of the medicine foil include blister packaging of pharmaceutical capsules, tablets, and the like, as well as bag-like packaging of powder granules and water. Because of contact with medicine directly, therefore, the state has very strict requirements on the appearane and performance of the foil.

Breif Introduction Of Medicine Aluminum Foil

Common used medicine aluminum foil: 8011(thickness under 0.05mm), 8021(thickness above 0.05mm)

Main production process: Material inspection → blank rolling → open and split → coil rolling → rolling product → divide → furnace annealing → final product packaging

The requirement to medicine aluminum foil: No oil stain, no bright crystal, no black line, no pinhole, no macular, no ruffle, etc

How Do You Make Medicine Aluminum Foil?

  • Controlling the quality, from the source, check the aluminum foil matareial strictly;

  • In aluminum foil rolling process, cleaning the roller, controlling the roughness, choose suitable rolling oil, reduce the viscosity of rolling oil, and control the running speed of the machine, be responsible to every steps;

  • In slitting process, ensure the edge of aluminum coil neat and tidy, never appear the ruffle and other quality questions;

  • Finally in the technology of furnace annealing, according to the medicine aluminum foil performance to control the furnace annealing time and temperature, ensure the oil clean.

Advantages Of Medicine Aluminum Foil

  • Good moisture resis;

  • Stable barrier performance, chemical resistance;

  • More clean and safe compare with other material;

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