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Food foil used in food industry always used to kitchen cooking, keep food and food packaging etc. With the development of food packaging, aluminum foil is gradually more and more popular in food packaging because it's beautiful appearance and environment protection. Another popular auminum foil is converter aluminum foil.

Advantages Of Aluminum Food Foil In Food Industry

  • Keep food: Compare with plastic, food foil has more beautiful and fashion appearance and can be made into various shapes as needed. And it almost has no damage to nature, trully achieve the idea of green food, environment protection.

  • Aluminum foil in barbecue: Aluminum foil in food barbecue can keep it's fresh taste and avoid burning. And in kitchen can absorb extra oil.

Where To Buy High Quality Aluminum Food Foil?

Haomei is professoanl Aluminum alloy manufacturer with more than 30 years, we can supply high quality aluminum foil, aluminum sheet, aluminum tube, aluminum circle, etc, welcome to consult and purchase;

Parameter of food foil

1060/3003/8011/1100/3004/8021/5052/8079H24 H22 H18 0 state

Width: 300-1100mm

Thickness: 0.01-0.2mm

More details and questions about food aluminum foil, welcome to consult us:

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