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Color aluminum foil is widely used in our daily life, no matter in residential house, or large commercial outlets or large convention centers, color coate aluminum foil/coil can make it bright and fashion. It's good plastcity and machining performance make it ideal material for a variety of architectural shapes.

Haomei is able to provide high quality color aluminum foil/coil for aluminum user and builders, the details of the color aluminum foil/coils as following mentioned:

The Advantages Of Haomei Color Aluminum Foil

  • Super weather resistance

PVDF coating use HYLO and KYNA as material, which is wear-resistance, pollution resistance and weather resistance. Own beautiful appearance no matter in hot sunshine or cold snow

  • Impact resistance

Strong impact resistance, and no damage to the top coat when bend, it will not cause damage due to wind and sand in areas where wind and sand are more common.

  • Uniform coating and various colors

Our company import the chemical and coating lines, opearating every process by ourselves, has stable quality control system , better adhesion between coating and metal, unifrom color, diverse clors, larger user choice.

  • Light raw material, easy to process

Can reduce the damage of earthquake and easy to transfer, easy to make varieties of shapes, reduce the construction cost.

  • Easy to maintenance

Good self cleaning ability, even in serious pollution area, juat use neutral cleaning agent to clean is ok. After cleaning, the plate will be rehabilitated as new.

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