Do You Know These Uses of Aluminum Coil?

Aluminum coil has a wide range of applications. In addition to these common applications like decoration, insulation, electronics,etc, it has some other uses you may not know, but they are also very important.

Aluminum Evaporator Coil

aluminum coil for gutter.jpgThe evaporator unit of AC systems and heat pump HVAC systems is the indoor component and is located next to the air handler. As a cheap material, aluminum coil becomes a popular material for the evaporator unit. This allows for a more affordable air conditioner or heat pump.

What’s more, aluminum is also easy to recycle. It is also very light compared with copper. Good elongation also makes it good material for making evaporator unit.

Aluminum Coil for Roof

The lightness of aluminium together with its proven durability makes it the ideal choice for creating corrugated or standing seam roofing solutions with limitless design potential, innovative colors and surface finishes.

white aluminum coil stock.jpgHaomei aluminum coils are of different alloys, rich colors and diverse coatings like PE, PVDF,PVC, Polysurlyn and vinyl. Facing to so rich choices, you always can find what you want.

Aluminum Gutter Coils

Aluminum gutter coils are duo-tone coils, of which one side is one color and the other side is a completely different color. This design is to help you do inventory management more conveniently and improve job-site efficiency.

Aluminum coil stock colors of Haomei for gutter has over 30 kinds to chose for your business needs. Each roll has enough coil to supply several houses of gutters and allows for extensive lengths to be made.

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