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AC Aluminum Foil

Because of the advantages of small density, good thermal conductivity, easy to process, no other smell, environment protection and cheap price, aluminum foil is widely used in AC making industry. Aluminium foil in AC making is main used to produce AC heat exchange sheet. Haomei is engaged in produce aluminum foil, aluminum sheet etc, the details of AC aluminum foil as following:

The Classification Of AC Aluminum Foil We Can Provide

  • Uncoated aluminum foil;

  • Coating aluminum foil;

  • Corrosion resistant aluminum foil;

Suitable to be applied to a relatively harsh area, improve the AC service life. At the same time, due to the improvement of the corrosion resistance of the heat exchange sheet, the formation of surface corrosion powder is greatly reduced, thereby improving the ventilation quality and purifying the air in the air conditioning room

  • Hydriphilic aluminum foil:

Hydrophilic aluminum foil is generally used on an evaporator of an air conditioner. Its main function is to make the moisture in the hot air easy to spread out when it condenses into water droplets on the heat exchange sheet and flow down the sheet. In this way, the ventilation effect of the heat exchanger can be avoided due to the “bridge” of the water droplets between the heat exchange sheets, thereby improving the heat exchange rate of the air conditioner, and saving energy under the same cooling capacity condition.

  • Hydrophobic aluminum foil;

  • Self-lubricating aluminum foil;

  • Mildew-proof aluminum foil;

The mildew-proof aluminum foil is mainly used for the indoor unit of the empty, and its main function is to prevent the surface of the heat exchange sheet from being moldy due to the long time of use or standing, thereby obviously improving the ventilation quality of the air and preventing the abnormal smell, effectively Improve the environment in the air-conditioned room.

AC Aluminum Foil Specification

TemperH22 H24 1126

We can provide all types AC aluminum foil whatever you want, welcome to consult us for more details. Email:

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