Different Anodizing Processes of Aluminum Plates

What is anodized aluminum sheet

The anodized aluminum plate is an aluminum sheet with dense oxide film after the electrolysis treatment of the pure aluminum or aluminum alloy sheets. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and excellent electrical conductivity.

The anodized film consists of two layers. The thick, porous outer layer grows on a dense inner layer with dielectric properties. The latter is called the barrier layer (also called the active layer).

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Different anodizing processes

1. The process involves placing an aluminum sheet into a liquid The process involves placing an aluminum sheet acting as an anode. By passing an electric current through the chromic acid, the positively charged aluminum particles leave the surface. Particles leaving the surface leave behind microscopic grooves that, when oxidized, form an oxide layer. The anodized aluminum plates are more resistant to heat and corrosion.

2. Sulfuric acid replaces chromic acid. Due to its high potency, it results in deeper grooves and thicker oxide film.

3. It involves the use of higher voltages and strong acid (sulfuric acid). It is also known as hard anodizing and is ideal for manufacturing heavy-duty wear-resistant parts.

Advantages of anodized aluminum sheets

1. Anodized aluminum plates have good corrosion resistance. After surface treatment, the corrosion resistance is better than ordinary aluminum plates. Especially in corrosive media, its corrosion resistance is more obvious.

2. Anodized aluminum sheets have excellent electrical properties. Surface-treated anodized aluminum plates have excellent electrical properties and can be used to manufacture electrical isolation instruments, circuit boards, etc. They have good electromagnetic shielding effects and are an ideal electrical insulation material.


Due to its good insulation properties, corrosion resistance and low cost, anodized aluminum sheets have been widely used in industries such as electronic circuit boards, automobile manufacturing, home appliances, electronic technology, aerospace, computer manufacturing, and construction.

In addition, the excellent corrosion resistance of anodized aluminum plates makes them widely used in chemical engineering, food processing, water treatment and other industries.

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