3003 Aluminum Sheet 4x8

3003 aluminum sheet is mainly composed of aluminum, manganese and copper. The aluminum content is more than 96%, the manganese content is between 1-1.5%, and the copper content is between 0.05-0.20%. In addition, there are small amounts of elements such as iron, silicon and titanium. Due to the addition of elements such as manganese and copper, the annealing 3003 aluminum has good corrosion resistance and weldability, as well as good formability and mechanical properties.

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Due to different processing techniques, 3003 aluminum plates can be divided into cold-rolled products and hot-rolled products. Cold-rolled products must not be anodized, because obvious color difference, rust and other problems will occur after anodizing. If anodizing is required, hot rolled products can be selected. The 3003 aluminum plates currently on the market are mainly cold rolled and are not suitable for anodizing.

3003 aluminum plate is a low-strength aluminum plate with certain rust and corrosion resistance. The price is slightly higher than that of 1060 aluminum plate, but significantly lower than that of 5052 aluminum plate. It is suitable for products with slight requirements for strength.

Aluminum plates need to be bent, but also need to have a certain degree of strength. Although there is no problem in bending if they are too soft, they are not suitable for most occasions. At this time, 3003-H24/H112, 5052-O/H32/H112, etc. are often used.

3003 aluminum insulation coil is a representative product of the 3xxx aluminum-manganese alloy, also called anti-rust aluminum coil. It is mainly used in pipes, building roofs and walls as insulation materials, etc. Generally, 3003 aluminum coils with a thickness of 0.4-1.0mm are used for thermal insulation.

The thin aluminum sheet 4x8 of 3003 alloy is very popular. 4 x 8 aluminum sheet can also be called 4 by 8 aluminum sheet. The “4 x 8” generally refers to the ratio of the width to length of the aluminum sheet. 4 ‘represent 4 foot and 8’represent 8 foot. The size of the 4 x 8 aluminum sheet is 1219mmx 2438mm.

We generally use laser thickness online measurement equipment to measure the thickness of 3003 aluminum plates during the production process, which can be accurate to within 0.01mm. For ordinary measurements, a digital micrometer can be used to measure the thickness of the 3003 aluminum plate, which can also be accurate to around 0.02 mm.

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