3003 VS5005 Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum plate is a widely used metal material, and aluminum plate 3003 and 5005 are two commonly used alloys. There are big differences between them. When choosing aluminum plates, you need to choose the appropriate alloy based on actual needs.

Chemical composition

The chemical composition of aluminum plates 3003 and 5005 is different, which is one of the biggest differences between them. 3003 aluminum plate is mainly composed of aluminum, manganese and other elements, while 5005 aluminum plate is mainly composed of aluminum, magnesium and other elements. Due to differences in their composition, their physical and chemical properties also differ. Aluminium 5005 h34 is a common temper.

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Different uses

Aluminum plates 3003 and 5005 also have different application fields. 3003 aluminum plates are commonly used in electrolytic vessels, carriage panels, heat exchangers, acid-base containers, aluminum pipes and other fields. 5005 aluminum plates are commonly used in construction, automobiles, electrical appliances, electronics, furniture and other fields.

Mechanical properties

The mechanical properties of 3003 and 5005 are also different. 3003 aluminum plate has high strength and good corrosion resistance, but its heat resistance is poor. The 5005 aluminum plate has better heat resistance and formability, but its strength is relatively low. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate aluminum plate in different application fields.

Different processing technologies

The processing techniques of aluminum plates 3003 and 5005 are also different. 3003 aluminum plate is easy to process and shape, but its surface is prone to scratches. The 5005 aluminum plate has a smooth surface and is not easy to scratch, but it is difficult to process. Therefore, when using these two aluminum plates, it is necessary to choose the appropriate processing method according to their processing technology characteristics.

Different prices

Generally speaking, 5005 aluminum plate price is higher than that of 3003 aluminum plate. This is because 5005 aluminum plate has better corrosion resistance and formability, and has a wider range of applications, so the price is relatively high.

Different market demand

At present, the market demand for 5005 aluminum plates is relatively large, while the demand for 3003 aluminum plates is relatively small. This is closely related to their purpose and performance characteristics.

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