A Highlight of 5 Bar Aluminum Diamond Plate Lowes

The aluminum embossed sheet is a kind of aluminum plate that forms various patterns on the surface after rolling on the basis of the aluminum plate. Generally, it includes 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx aluminum alloys. The patterns are one bar, two bar, three bar, five bar. It is acid-resistant and corrosion-resistant, with long-lasting luster and beautiful patterns.

The aluminum diamond plate lowes can also be classified according to its thickness, which can be divided into thin plate, conventional plate, medium plate and thick plate. The thickness of the thin plate is between 0.15mm and 2.0mm, the thickness of the regular plate is between 2.0mm and 6.0mm, the thickness of the medium plate is between 6.0mm and 25.0mm, and the thickness of the thick plate is between 25mm and 200mm.

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The aluminum diamond plate is widely used in stair treads, car bottom anti-skid plates, pedals, ship decks, cold storage floors, refrigerated truck floors, kitchen decoration. Besides, the inner lining board of the refrigerator is usually made of orange peel aluminum embossed sheet.

After embossing, the thickness and strength of the aluminum plate can be enhanced. The aluminum plate can be thickened by 0.1mm--0.25mm. The size can be produced according to customer requirements. How does a customer make a choice? The first is to look at the color of the patterned aluminum plate; secondly, choose a aluminum tread plate with a uniform thickness; finally, pay attention to the casting process of the patterned aluminum plate.

Generally speaking, users do not have high requirements for the mechanical properties of the 5 bar aluminum diamond plate. Its quality is mainly reflected in the pattern forming rate, pattern height and pattern height difference. The pattern height of the 5 bar aluminum tread plate can reach between 0.8-1.2mm, of which the pattern is full and protruding.

The aluminum tread plate should be kept away from the humid environment during storage and avoid contact with chemical substances. The patterned aluminum plate needs to be protected from rain and snow during transportation, so as to avoid the oxidation effect. The storage environment of aluminum checker plate should always pay attention to good ventilation and non-corrosive surroundings.

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