Embossed Aluminum Sheet


Embossed aluminum sheet can be divided into five rib aluminum, compass aluminum, orange peel aluminum, lenticular pattern aluminum, spherical pattern aluminum, diamond aluminum and other pattern aluminum.

Information Details About Embossed Aluminum Sheet

  • Five rib aluminum sheet: With good anti-slip ability, widely used in construction and platform design aspect;

  • Compass aluminum: Anti-slip aluminum sheet, but not use very often compare with five rib aluminum sheet;

  • Orange peel aluminum alloy sheet: Widely used in refrigerator, AC and packaging industry;

  • Lenticular pattern aluminum sheet: With good anti-slip ability, mainly used in car, platform anti-slip, cold stroage floor anti-slip, workshop anti-slip and elevator anti-slip, etc;

  • Spherical embossed sheet: With beautiful appearance, mainly used in outer packaging aspect, because of the special of the pattern, the strength of this type aluminum sheet is stronger than other type;

  • Diamond shaped aluminum alloy sheet: Mainly used to packaging the tube and outer packaging.

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