Aluminum Disc Circle for Cookware

The range of metal materials used to make cookware is very narrow, because the cookware needs good thermal conductivity and stable chemical properties, otherwise the taste of the food will change. Many metals conduct heat well enough but are too chemically unstable to be used for processing food. Aluminum is a metal with excellent thermal conductivity. It will not rust and is resistant to many forms of corrosion.

Compared with stainless steel, cast iron and ceramics, aluminum disc circle for cookware will make the products lighter, easier to handle, and suitable for outdoor use. Aluminum discs can evenly distribute heat to the entire surface of the cookware, saving time and energy compared to rice cookers using other materials such as stainless steel.

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The thickness of aluminum circles range from 0.2mm to 10mm. The specific thickness selection depends on the use requirements and process conditions. Aluminum circles can be surface treated by anodizing, electrophoretic painting, spraying, frosting, etc. to improve the surface finish, corrosion resistance, surface hardness and other properties of the aluminum round sheet.

The main alloys of aluminum circles are 1060, 1070 and 3003. Especially 1070 aluminum alloy, which is excellent in pots and pans and is used in large quantities. 106 aluminum alloy aluminum discs are mostly used in exports. 3003 aluminum is also used for high-end cookware, most of which is used in the field of traffic signs.

The quality inspection process of aluminum circles includes appearance inspection, dimensional inspection, chemical composition analysis, mechanical property testing, corrosion resistance testing and non-destructive testing. These testing items can comprehensively evaluate the quality and performance of aluminum discs to ensure that they meet usage requirements.

As one of the big aluminum circles manufacturers, Haomei Aluminum has a good control of the the grain size and elongation of the aluminum circles, ensuring the grain size and elongation and effectively avoiding undesirable phenomena such as curling edge, mussy patterns and high ear cutting rate. The alloy, status, and performance of the aluminum coils are strictly controlled and tested to ensure the accuracy and diversity of the aluminum circles provided.

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