What Is 3003 Aluminum Used For

In modern industry, aluminum alloy has become an important material, among which 3003 aluminum sheet is widely used due to its excellent physical properties and processability. What are 3003 aluminum uses and its properties?

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1. Composition of 3003 aluminum

3003 aluminum alloy is mainly composed of aluminum, manganese and copper. The aluminum content is more than 96%, the manganese content is between 1-1.5%, and the copper content is between 0.05-0.20%. In addition, there are small amounts of elements such as iron, silicon and titanium.

2. 3003 aluminum properties

Due to the addition of elements such as manganese and copper, 3003 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and weldability, as well as good formability and mechanical properties. At normal temperature, the tensile strength of 3003 aluminum alloy reaches about 140MPa, and the yield strength is about 115MPa.

3. 3003 aluminum uses

Due to its excellent physical properties and processability, 3003 aluminum alloy is widely used in food packaging, architectural decoration, electronic devices and other fields. For example, 3003 aluminum alloy is used in beverage cans, tobacco packaging, ovens and other products.

4. The difference between 3003 aluminum and other aluminum alloys

Compared with other aluminum alloys, 3003 aluminum alloy has lower copper content and has better corrosion resistance and weldability. At the same time, the cost of 3003 aluminum alloy is lower and more suitable for mass production.

5. Processing technology of 3003 aluminum

The processing technology of A3003 aluminum mainly includes cold rolling, deep stamping, stretching and riveting. These processes can meet the processing requirements of different products while ensuring material performance.

6. 3003 vs 3004

3003 alloy has a high thermal expansion coefficient and a low melting point, as well as good plasticity and corrosion resistance. The thermal expansion coefficient of 3004 alloy is slightly lower than that of 3003, but its melting point is slightly higher. It also has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

7. 3003 vs1060

One of the characteristics of 3003 thermal insulation aluminum coil is its anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. Because of the addition of manganese, 3003 aluminum coil is more resistant to corrosion than the 1060 aluminum coil , such as water, atmosphere, gasoline, inorganic salts, and food. Not only that, they are also resistant to the corrosion of acrylic acid.

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