aluminum strip 1100
1070 Aluminum Strips for Cosmetics -- China Supplier Haomei
0.36-1.1 mm 1070 cosmetics aluminum strips professional supplier from China, hig... more +
Aluminium Strips
High quality and cheap price aluminum strips supplier, if you want to import alu... more +
What Are the Uses of Flexible Aluminum Strips
The flexible aluminum strips cover aluminum strip 1100,3004 and 5052 in soft and... more +
Top Three Influencing Factors of Aluminum Strip Price
Alloy content, supply and demand relationship and processing craft all will infl... more +
What Are the Popular Types of Flat Aluminum Strips
luminum strip 1100 and aluminum strip 3004 are the most popular types of flat al... more +

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The main alloys of colored aluminum sheets are1060, 3003, 30...
The main pure aluminum foils include 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100...