Anodized Aluminum Sheet 4x8

The anodized aluminum sheet is a high-quality hot-rolled product that has been anodized. According to the anodizing time, oxide films of different thicknesses can be produced, which mainly play the functions of anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-static, decoration, lamination and compounding, etc., and have the advantages of heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The anodized aluminum sheet is widely used for ceilings, curtain wall panels, electrical panels, furniture panels, etc. The anodized aluminum plates are highly decorative, have moderate hardness, and do not require complex surface treatments. 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx aluminum plates are often chosen for anodizing for they have good anodizing effect. A popular size is an anodized aluminum sheet 4x8.

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Since there are many corrosive substances in the air, the oxide layer on the surface of the anodized aluminum plate can well block these corrosive substances. For example, sweat is very corrosive. The anodized aluminum panels will not corrode even if it is stained with sweat, so anodized aluminum panels will be used in high-end interior decoration.

Ordinary aluminum plates are prone to unevenness. The surface manufacturing process of anodized aluminum plates has been greatly improved, and its manufacturing process is more high-quality. Therefore, both the smoothness and flatness of the anodized aluminum sheet are superior to ordinary aluminum plates.

At the same time, anodized aluminum plates also have a very high melting point, which makes anodized aluminum plates very durable. And anodized aluminum plates not only have many excellent properties, they are also easier to color and have higher aesthetics.

The anodized aluminium sheet has improved hardness and wear resistance, up to 250-500 kg/mm² and good heat resistance. The hard anodized film has a melting point as high as 2320K, excellent insulation, and a breakdown voltage of up to 2000V, which enhances corrosion resistance and will not corrode in ω=0.03NaCl salt spray for thousands of hours. The thin oxide film layer has a large number of micropores, which can absorb various lubricants and is suitable for manufacturing engine cylinders or other wear-resistant parts.

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