What Are Alloys of Aluminum Round Blanks

The aluminum discs circle is mainly for customers who need deep stamping, stretching, spinning and other processing technologies and is suitable for kitchen utensils, lighting, and cans. Aluminum discs are generally 1050-0 or 1050 semi-hard. In this state, stamping and spinning in the later production process will not lead to the crack of aluminum round blanks.

The pot liner is an important component of the rice cooker. A good liner determines the quality of the rice cooker and the health of the user. Aluminum alloy pot liner has gradually become the mainstream form due to its excellent performance. Aluminum pot liner generally uses 3003 aluminum alloy, which can save more time than rice cookers with liner made of other materials such as stainless steel.

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3003 aluminum circles have stable and excellent formability, high elongation, high grain size, neat and shiny surface, and high reflectivity of aluminum discs. 3003 aluminum discs are widely used in cookers, lamps, traffic signs, aluminum cans and tank heads.

5052 h32 aluminum circle is an ideal material for the oil tight hatch cover of the yacht. The oil-tight hatch cover is a type of cover used in oil tanks. It should be of strong corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance and UV protection. 5052 aluminum alloy meets these requirements while its price is relatively low compared with other 5xxx aluminum alloys.

In addition to the choice of aluminum alloys, the disc aluminum thickness will also affect its properties. Aluminum discs of different thicknesses have different mechanical properties such as load-bearing capacity and strength.

If the application needs to bear a large load or has a high tensile strength requirement, a thicker aluminum disc will be selected to meet these requirements. If the application is mainly used for appearance decoration or heat conduction, a thinner aluminum disc can be selected.

Heat treatment is an important process to improve the performance of aluminum discs and plays a key role in the strength, hardness, mechanical properties, etc. For aluminum discs, heat treatment mainly includes aging treatment, solution treatment and stress relief treatment.

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