The Manufacturing Process of Air Conditioner Aluminum Foil

Air conditioner aluminum foil is a special material for air conditioner radiator fin. It has the advantages of small density, good thermal conductivity, easy processing, environmental protection and low price.


The common alloys of the air conditioner foils are 1100, 3003 and 8011. The temper is O, H22,H24 and H26. The thickness is 0.09-0.2 mm and the width is 100-1300 mm. The aluminum foil needs to be of good shape, high coating adhesion, good corrosion resistance and good hydrophilicity.

There are two manufacturing process of aluminum foil for air conditioners: (1) Casting and rolling -cold rolling- trimming- cold rolling- box rolling- slitting- finished product annealing- packaging; (2) Ingot- homogenization annealing- hot rolling- cold rolling- trimming- cold rolling- box rolling- slitting- finished product annealing- packaging.

To ensure the processing quality and rich specifications, Haomei Aluminum has 5 set of aluminum foil rolling machines with width specifications from 2150 mm to 1650 mm. They are also equipped with Austin ANDRITZ shape system and VSTD high-precision thickness gauge.

The thickness gauge can accurately measure the thickness of the aluminum foil with an error of 0.1µm. The ANDRITZ system can accurately measure and feedback the shape of the cross section. The secondary system can automatically set the rolling parameters according to the optimal process.

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