The Aluminium Foil Packaging Features

After more than 100 years of development, the aluminum foil packaging has finally completed its transformation from noble packaging to civilian packaging. In the 21st century, the increasingly popular aluminum foil packaging has shown a trend of market competition, which has also stimulated the upgrading of packaging aluminum foil materials to a certain extent.

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For the goods, the packaging is to prevent moisture, moisture, and air leakage. It not only enhances the external image of the product, but also affect the hygiene and shelf life of the product. Among so many kinds of the packaging materials, why is the packing aluminum foil more and more popular?

The aluminum foil is made of electrolytic aluminum with a purity of 99.0%-99.7%, which is produced after many times of rolling. This soft metal film is not only moisture-proof, air-tight, and shading, but also has the advantages of maintaining fragrance, non-toxic and tasteless, etc. Such advantages are unmatched by any other existing packaging materials.

In addition to this practical function, its elegant silver-white luster is also attractive. Besides, it can be printed with rich colors and patterns. It is precisely because it is super practical and colorful that the aluminum foil packaging is becoming more and more popular.

Its specific gravity is only one-third of iron and copper; it has good shading performance, up to 95%; it is of the stable state at the high and low temperature; it is easy to process and can be compounded with various plastic films and papers.

However, it also has its disadvantages: it is of low strength and easy to tear. It can not be used for packaging products alone. It is easy to break when folded, produce holes, and is not acid and alkali resistant.

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