3A21 Aluminum Sheet VS 3003 Aluminum Sheet

3000 series aluminum sheet is widely used in our life. There are two similar alloys: 3A21 and 3003. What are their differences? Lets have a look together.

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What is 3A21 aluminum sheet

The 3A21 aluminum sheet has a large demand in the international market. Its alloy elements is almost same as the 3003 aluminum sheet, but the standards of some element is different from alloy 3003. For example, the copper content of the 3003 aluminum is 0.05-0.20 while the mandatory requirement of 3a21 is 0.2.

What is 3003 aluminum sheet

The 3003 aluminum plate is a commonly used aluminum-manganese alloy plate with 1.0-1.5%manganese elements. It is of excellent welding performance, rust prevention, corrosion resistance and medium strength. For other properties, please refer to the product introduction of the 3003 aluminum sheet.

Aluminum 3003 VS3A21

The difference between the two alloy in the mechanical tensile strength is not too big. Their main difference is the content of some alloy element such as copper and titanium. Therefore, if you can’t find 3A21, you can consider to buy the 3003 aluminum sheet. This will not influence the product quality.

As an aluminum sheet manufacturer, Haomei Aluminum can supply you both 3A21 and 3003 aluminum sheet, but the best choice is still 3003 aluminum sheet, of which the processing is mature and the price is more attractive.

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