3003 Diamond Tread Sheet

The diamond tread plate is also called embossed aluminum sheet, which is generally used in ship decks, bus floor, stairs, riverside corridors,etc. 3003 aluminum alloy is the most used alloy. Most of diamond tread plate is 3003 aluminum plate.

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3003 aluminum tread plate contains slight iron, which produces a polishing and has a better decorative effect. It is light and tough, of which the weight per square meter is only about 80% of that of the ordinary materials, saving about 15% of the cost.

3003 aluminum tread plate belongs to Al-Mg alloy, which is a kind of anti-rust aluminum alloy. Its strength is medium and can’t be strengthened by heat treatment. Generally, cold working methods are used to improve mechanical properties. In the annealed temper, it has high plasticity and good corrosion resistance.

The common patterns of 3003 aluminum diamond plate are one bar, two bar and five bar. The surface of the anodized 3003 aluminum plate becomes white, which is particularly beautiful. It is often used in ramps, stairs, anti-slip flooring, and decorative panels.

As a big aluminum tread plate supplier, Haomei Aluminum has successively built two online quenching lines, thus accelerating the production speed and greatly shortening he production cycle. The aluminum tread plate width is 850-1650 mm, thickness is 1.2 -10 mm and length is 600-6500 mm. Welcome to leave message to get the best price.

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