1235 Aluminum Foil Battery

Aluminum foil is a key material in the positive electrode of lithium batteries. According to CNKI statistics, the amount of aluminum foil used for 1GWh lithium batteries is about 600-800 tons. The common aluminum foil battery has 1050, 1060, 1070, and 1235. They all belong to pure aluminum foil with O an H temper.

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1235 pure aluminum foil has higher purity and better conductivity, so it is often used as battery foil. There are very high requirements for the properties of battery aluminum foil, therefore the processing difficulty of battery foil is also more difficult, and the process requirements are higher, mainly reflected in the thickness, strength and surface quality requirements of aluminum foil.

The minimum thickness of Haomei’s 1235 aluminum foil 0.014mm, the strength is> 180Mpa, and the surface dyne value is very high. Haomei 1235 aluminum foil has the following advantages:

l The surface of the aluminum foil is uniform, clean and flat, with no obvious roller marks, pits, pinholes and corrosion marks

l There are no rolling defects such as creases, mottling and bright lines on the surface of the aluminum foil.

l There is no color difference on the surface of aluminum foil

l There is no oil mark on the surface and no serious oil smell.

Haomei is a big battery grade aluminum foil manufacturer, which can accept bulk order of 1235, 1060,1070 aluminum foil. The thickness range is 0.014-0.55 mm(0.00055-0.022 in) and the width range is of 100-1600mm(3.93-62.99 in). Haomei battery aluminum foil has been exported to hundreds of countries worldwide.

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