Aluminum Bars & Rod

Aluminum Rod & Bars

Aluminum rod is a kind of aluminum product, casting of aluminum rods includes melting, purification, impurity removal, degassing, slag removal and casting processes. According to the metal elements different contained in the aluminum rod, the aluminum rod can be divied into 8 series.

The Classification Of Aluminum Rod & Bars

  • 1000 series aluminum rod(1050, 1060, 1100): Al, cheap price, widely used in ordinary industry;

  • 2000 series aluminum rod(2A16/LY16, 2A02/LY6): Al--Cu, High hardness, most used in aviation industry;

  • 2024 aluminum rod application: Aircraft structures, rivets, truck hubs, propeller assemblies and other structural components

  • 3000 series aluminum rod(3003, 3A21): Al--Mn, good antirust function;

  • 4000 series aluminum rod(4A01): Al--Si, low melting point, wear resistence and heat resistance, used in construction material, mechanical parts, forging material, welding material;

  • 5000 series(5052, 5005, 5083, 5A05): Al--Mg, low density, high tensile strength, high elongation, and low weight compare with other series;

  • 6000 series( 6061, 6063 ): AL--Mg--Si, high corroive, high oxidation resistance, good workability, easy coating and good processability;

  • 7000 series: AL--Zn--Mg--(Cu), most used in aviation industry;

  • 8000 series(8011): most application in aluminmum foil.

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