What Are The Main Types of Aluminum Embossed Sheets?

The aluminum embossed sheet are formed on the basis of the aluminum plate and own various patterns after calendering. The main aluminum alloys are 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx. What are the main types pf stucco aluminium sheets?

embossed aluminium sheet.jpgAluminum stucco sheet can be divided into different types according to different standards. According to the composition of the alloy composition of the aluminium stucco sheet, it can be divided into a high-purity aluminum embossed sheet, pure embossed aluminium sheet, aluminum alloy embossed plate, composite stucco aluminum sheet and aluminum-coated embossed sheet.

The pure aluminum content of the high-purity aluminum plate is over 99.9%, and the pure embossed aluminium sheet means that it is basically made of pure aluminum. Aluminum alloy embossed sheet usually contains aluminum copper, aluminum manganese, aluminum silicon and other alloy materials.

stucco embossed aluminum.jpgThe composite stucco aluminum sheet is made by various composite materials and the aluminum-coated stucco sheet refers to the edge of the aluminum plate covered with a thin aluminum sheet.

According to the thickness, the embossed aluminum sheet products can be divided into thin plates, conventional plates, intermediate plates and thick plates. The thickness of the thin plate is between 0.15 mm and 2.0 mm, the thickness of the conventional plate is between 2.0 mm and 6.0 mm,

The thickness of the intermediate plate is between 6.0 mm and 25.0 mm, and the thickness of the thick plate is between 25 mm and 200 mm. The common kinds of embossed aluminum sheets metal are 3mm and 2 mm aluminum plate.

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