CTP Printing Plates VS PS Plate

With the rapid development of CTP printing technology and the the continuous decline of CTP plates price, the usage of CTP pringting plates is also rapidly catching up with the traditional PS plates. The printing has high overall requirements for plate materials. To ensure the quality of the printing plate, the apparent quality of the plate base is the prerequisite.

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The apparent performance of aluminum sheet

The CTP plates have higher requirements on the aluminum sheet such as free of cracks, corrosion pits, spots, scratches, oil marks and no slight color difference. The PS plate can ignore the above problems. The main reason is that the CTP equipment uses scanning imaging. The PS plate uses a vacuum method to make the plate and the film close.

The geometric size requirements of aluminum sheet

The aluminum plate thickness for CTP plate is generally 0.280mm, which is slightly thicker than that of the PS plate. The thickness of the PS plate substate is 0.270mm±0.005mm. Some printing companies also use the CTP plate of 0.275mm thickness. The thick aluminum plate is not easy to bend.

The width tolerance of the CTP plate substrate is required to be ≤±0.5mm, preferably without tolerance. There are also clear requirements for the cutting quality of aluminum coils, that is, there should be no burrs and curling edge on the both sides after cutting.

The longitudinal and lateral thickness tolerances of the aluminum plate base should be ≤±0.005mm. The thickness deviation will affect the plate making, and the parameters set by the CTP plate making machine are generally not allowed to be adjusted casually.

The electrolytic performance requirements of aluminum sheet

Because CTP printing plates are mostly used for high-end color printing, the sand mesh value of CTP plates is smaller than that of PS plates. The grit value Ra of the CTP plate is generally 0.45-0.60 μm while the grit value Ra of the PS plate is generally 0.60-0.80 μm.

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