Aluminium Foil Packaging Market in China

Withe the rapid development of the economy and aluminum processing industry, the aluminum foil packaging has become one of the important consumption growth points in the aluminum foil market.

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The aluminum foil packaging is mainly used in three areas: tobacco foil, food packaging foil and pharmaceutical foil. Of them, the tobacco foil accounts for 6% of the total aluminum foil used for packaging; the food packaging foil, 27%; the pharmaceutical aluminum foil, 22%.

Compared with the fierce competition and meager profit in the air conditioner foil, the packaging aluminum foil market has gradually become popular with the continuous maturity of aluminum-plastic composite and aluminum-paper composite technology and the reduction of production costs.

Although our aluminum foil packaging market keeps increasing, still accounts for a relatively low proportion compared with the developed countries. At present, packaging foil accounts for more than 70% of aluminum foil consumption in Europe and America, while it only accounts for 18% of total aluminum foil consumption in China.

At the same time, our main packaging aluminum foil manufacturers such as Haomei Aluminum has been expanding capacity to meet the increasing market demand. The annual aluminum foil capacity at home is about 500,000 tons. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the aluminum foil you need.

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