Aluminium Foil Jumbo Roll Manufacturers: Aluminum Foil Manufacturing Process

What are the features of aluminum foil manufacturing process? There is a simple production from Haomei Aluminum, one of the big aluminum foil jumbo roll manufacturers in China.

The rolling process of aluminum foil can be divided into three processes: rough rolling, intermediate rolling, and finishing rolling. The aluminum foil thickness after rough rolling is greater than or equal to 0.05mm; intermediate rolling, 0.013-0.05 mm; finish rolling, less than 0.013 mm.

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The rough rolling of aluminum foil is similar to the rolling of aluminum sheet and strip. The thickness control mainly depends on the rolling force and tension. As for the whole rolling process, the aluminum foil production has its own features:

1. Aluminum sheet rolling. For the rough rolling, to make the aluminum sheet thinner mainly depends on the rolling force. The roll gap can be adjusted at any time to keep the roll gap at a certain value to obtain the same thickness.

During the intermediate rolling, due to the extremely thin thickness of aluminum foil, increasing the rolling force during rolling makes it easier for the roll to produce elastic deformation than the material being rolled. The thickness control turns to depend on adjusting tension and rolling speed.

2. Overlap rolling. For the aluminum foil jumbo roll less than 0.012mm, it is very difficult to use a single-sheet rolling method, so the double rolling method is used. In this method, the aluminum foil manufacturer adds lubricating oil between two pieces of aluminum foils and then roll them together.

It can not only produce extremely thin aluminum foils that cannot be produced by single rolling, but also reduce the number of breaks and increase labor productivity.

3. Speed effect. In the aluminum foil rolling process, the phenomenon that the thickness of the foil becomes thinner with the acceleration of the rolling speed is called the speed effect.

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