3003 aluminum sheet for Anti-slip Pedal

The accelerator pedal of vehicle is a kind of car decoration that allows the driver to control the pedal more freely and can better increase driving safety. Most of the accelerator pedal is designed with aluminum alloy.

The accelerator pedal can significantly increase the vertical contact area, bringing higher driving comfort. And the bottom of the pedal has an adjustment function that can also be adjusted according to habits. The car anti-skid pedal mainly uses the hot rolled 3003 aluminum sheet.

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For meeting the requirements, the homogenization annealing temperature of 3003 aluminum sheets for sale is 590-620 ℃ and hot rolling temperature is 480-520℃. It has good corrosion resistance to the atmosphere, gasoline, food and neutral inorganic salt solutions.

Moreover, it has good solubility and formability. It can not only be better used in automobile anti-skid pedals, but also widely used in heat sinks, cosmetic panels, marine materials, signs, cans, fuel tanks, and water tanks.

The 3003 aluminum sheet contains about 1.2-1.5% manganese. Therefore, the general hardness of 3003 aluminum sheet is about 10% higher than that of conventional 1060 aluminum plate. The annealing state of the 3003 aluminum sheet is also very critical. The harness of 3003 H14, H24, H18 and H22 is different. 3003-H18 aluminum sheet has the highest hardness.

As a big aluminum sheet supplier, Haomei Aluminum has rich alloys including 1050,1060,1100, 3003, 3004, 5052, 6061,etc. Welcome to leave message below to inquire 3003 aluminum sheet price.

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