3003 Aluminum Properties: Good for Anodizing?

Can alloy 3003 be used to make the anodised aluminium sheet? According to the 3003 aluminum properties, 3003 aluminum sheet can be anodized, but it is not recommended to do it because the effect is very poor.

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3003 aluminum sheet is divided into cold-rolled aluminum plate and hot-rolled aluminum plate. For the anodizing, the hot-rolled 3003 aluminum sheet is much better than cold-rolled 300 aluminum sheet.

However, we still do not recommend using 3003 aluminum for anodizing. Because 3003 aluminum plate is basically the same as 1060 aluminum plate in the general uses, except for special applications. The hardness of alloy 3003 is better than that of 1060 aluminum plate, but the anodizing effect of the 1060 aluminum plate is much better.

Considering the processing cost, we still don’t recommend using 3003 aluminum alloy. At present, the processing cost of 3003 aluminum plate is about 290$ while the processing cost of the hot rolled aluminum alloy 3003 is about 520$. If we use the 3003 aluminum sheet for anodizing, the production cost is much higher.

In addition, since the 3003 aluminum sheet has higher hardness, the stamping performance of the alloy 3003 is not so good after anodizing. But for the most anodised aluminum sheet, they are used to be further processed by the forging processes such as stamping and stretching. If it is not mandatory or necessary, it is recommended to use 1060 aluminum plate for anodizing.

Although alloy 3003 is not suitable for anodizing, its medium strength and rust prevention enables itself widely used in many fields. Welcome to leave message below to get the 3003 aluminum sheet price.

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