What Are 3003 Aluminum Uses

3003 aluminum sheet is a commonly used aluminum-manganese alloy. Due to the manganese alloy elements, this product has excellent anti-rust properties. What are the 3003 aluminum uses?

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Lithium batter outer shell

In electric vehicle manufacturing, 3003-H14 aluminum is the main material of its core power battery. 3003 aluminum sheet in the H14 state is more suitable for automatic and semi-automatic punching, and has higher production efficiency.

Bottle cap material

In order to ensure the convenience of printing after the bottle cap is formed, the surface of the bottle cap material is required to be flat, without rolling marks, scratches and stains. Generally, the alloy use is 3003-H16 and the thickness is generally 0.20mm- 0.23mm. The width is 449mm- 796mm. The production of aluminum bottle cap materials can be made by hot rolling or continuous casting and rolling, respectively, and then rolled by cold rolling.

Aluminum insulation coil

At present, there are three kinds of thermal insulation aluminum coils commonly used, namely 1000 series aluminum coil, 3000 series aluminum coil and 5000 series aluminum coil. These three kinds of thermal insulation aluminum coils are widely used in thermal insulation, anti-corrosion and anti-rust projects of buildings, equipment, walls, pipes, etc.

3003 aluminum insulation coil has higher strength than that of the 1000 series aluminum coil and it has better acid and alkali corrosion resistance. It is mostly used for heat preservation of refrigeration equipment, storage tanks, pressure vessels, pipes, and heat sinks.

Food container aluminum foil

The general thickness of aluminum foil food container s between 0.03mm and 0.2mm. It can be divided into two types: wrinkle and wrinkle-free. After cold-rolling or hot-rolling, the aluminum foil jumbo roll with uniform thickness, smooth surface and no peculiar smell is further processed into food container by one-time automatic cold stamping of aluminum foil container machinery and molds. The common chosen alloys are 8011 or 3003 aluminum foil.

Battery Aluminum Foil

The positive electrode is composed of positive electrode current collector, high temperature tape, positive electrode substrate and positive electrode material. The positive current collector is about 0.1mm aluminum foils such as 1070, 1060, 1235, 1230, 1100, 8011, 1N30, 3003, etc. Among them, 1235, 1070, 1100, and 3003 alloys are used more because of their high strength. Haomei Aluminum is a 3003 aluminium sheet factory. Welcome to leave message below to tell us your specification.

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