The Main Series of Colored Aluminum Sheets

The colored aluminum sheet refers to aluminum sheet coated with one or several layers of polyester, fluorocarbon polyester and other organic coatings after surface processing, and then baked and cured. According to the different performance and application fields, color coated aluminum can be divided into two categories: functional type and ordinary type.

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The downstream industries of the color coated aluminum coil are mainly construction, industry and food packaging industries such as construction needs of commercial office buildings, high-end hotels, urban rail transit and railway stations, containers, reefers, tankers,cans.

1060 aluminum alloy

1060 painted aluminum sheet belongs to the pure aluminum sheet. The density is 2.71. With good ductility, it has excellent forming processing characteristics, high corrosion resistance, long service life and low cost, but its strength and rigidity are low.

3003 coated aluminum sheet

It belongs to the aluminum-manganese alloy with a density of about 2.73. Due to the manganese alloy element (the content is between 1-1.5%), the material hardness and tensile properties are better than those of the 1 series. Since it has excellent anti-rust properties, 3003 aluminum is also known as "rust-proof aluminum".

3004 color coated aluminum

In addition to manganese, the 3004 aluminum plate also adds magnesium, and the content is between 0.8-1.3%, so 3004 alloy has higher strength than 3003. It also has excellent formability, and good corrosion resistance, which is the most widely used color aluminum.

5052 colored aluminum sheet

The density of 5052 Al-Mg alloy is 2.68. The alloy composition is mainly magnesium, and its content is between 3-5%. The main features are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. Its tensile strength is higher than that of the 3 series.

The aluminum coil stock colors is usually toned according to Ral or PANTONE color card. The paint is usually fluorocarbon or polyester paint. The popular colors are cappuccino, clay, coffee, espresso, silver metallic, tan, and white.

Haomei Aluminum dopts the international advanced roller coating process, which can ensure that there are no dust particles on the surface of the color-coated aluminum coil and no color difference. We only need you to provide the color card code to color for you, or you can send color samples to us.

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