The Coating Durability Testing of 1100 Prepainted Aluminum Coil

1100 color coated aluminum coil can be used for decoration and protection of building exterior walls, roofs, walls, windows, etc. It can improve the aesthetics and durability of buildings, and has very good wind and fire resistance.

At the same time, there are many types of 1100 prepainted aluminum coils, which can be customized and processed according to design requirements, making them very flexible and diverse. On the other hand, 1100 aluminum coil stock can also be used in interior decoration and furniture manufacturing.

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The durability of the coating film is the service life of the coating film. This is the most important quality index of coatings and coating films. It is a comprehensive expression of various functions and an expression of the true practical value of coatings.

The durability of the coating film is the durability of the coating itself to the atmosphere, so the weather resistance test of the coating is very necessary. There are two main methods for testing the durability of coatings, namely the atmospheric aging test and the artificial accelerated aging test.

During the use of coatings, they are affected by various factors, which cause irreversible changes in the chemical and mechanical properties of the coating film, eventually leading to damage to the coating. This change phenomenon is called the aging of the coating film.

The atmospheric aging test of coatings is to study the aging damage effects of various atmospheric factors, such as sunlight, wind, snow, rain, dew, temperature, humidity, oxygen, chemical gases, etc., on the coating in various climate areas. The appearance of the test panel is inspected to determine its durability.

It is also quite complex and difficult to conduct experiments and tests based on various actual conditions, and it is also difficult to obtain accurate results. Therefore, the testing methods for the durability performance of coating films are also constantly improving. Artificially accelerated aging experiments is the one.

The artificial accelerated aging experiment is based on the atmospheric aging experiment to find out the relationship between climate factors and coating film damage, so as to artificially create a simulated climate environment in the laboratory and conduct coating aging experiments in various types of climates.

Light source is a very important factor in the aging of coating films, and it is directly related to the type of light and the amount of irradiation. In particular, ultraviolet rays are more damaging to the coating film. The temperature, humidity and oxygen content in the atmosphere all play an important role in the aging of the coating film.

The artificial aging test is to use certain equipment, namely an artificial aging machine, to control factors such as changes in light source type and intensity, as well as changes in temperature, humidity, and oxidation content of various types of weather. Monitor the aging degree and changes of various coating films under artificial climate environmental conditions, and then measure the aging resistance of the corresponding paint film, that is, aging resistance.

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