How to Protect the Surface of Aluminum Embossed Sheet

The aluminum embossed sheet is of rich patterns such as five far, three bar, one bar, diamond, orange peel.etc. With excellent anti-rust performance, it is widely used as the floor of buildings, vehicles, ships, etc.


Since its surface is processed with various patters, its hardness is softer than other metals, and slight friction will cause slight scratches on the surface. Therefore, we must protect the surface of the embossed aluminum sheet when transporting, handling and processing the diamond embossed aluminum sheet.

In order to avoid surface scratches, the diamond embossed aluminum sheet will be coated with protected by a PE protective film or separated by paper when it leaves the factory. At the same time, the packaging must be firm to avoid the problem of sliding during the transportation.

When handling, workers need to wear gloves to avoid sweat remaining on the surface of the embossed aluminum plate, otherwise it may cause corrosion and oxidation over ime. When processing, we must pay attention to the cleaning of the equipment.

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