How Much Do You Know About PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil

The history of PVDF coating is not long, but its development is fast. The basic component of the PVDF coating is the fluoraresin. Since the molecular chain structure of the fluoraresin has characterized by the presence of C-F bonds, which have a bond energy of 485 kJ/mol, ranking it first among all chemical bonds. Additionally, the fluorine atoms create a spatial shielding effect outside of the carbon chain, resulting in excellent chemical stability, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardancy/fire resistance, aging resistance, and self-lubricating properties.

Polyetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is primarily used in household appliances and can operate continuously below 260 ℃ for long periods. It does not dissolve or swell in any known solvent, and remains unaffected by oil and water, even at high temperatures. The exceptional self-lubricating and hydrophobic-oleophobic properties of fluorocarbon paints give them a "non-stick" quality, making them extremely easy to clean. Therefore, the use of fluorocarbon coatings is widespread in small household appliances, such as the inner walls of cookware, the base plates of electric irons, food trays, stove panels, and more.


The PVDF color coated aluminum coil is produced using the roll coating process, in which the friction and pressure exerted by the roller evenly spread the paint across the surface of the aluminum coil. The paint particles are aligned horizontally on the surface, creating a smooth and visually appealing finish that is less prone to dust accumulation. In contrast, another coating method is spraying, where the paint is sprayed onto the surface of the aluminum coil through a nozzle, resulting in vertically aligned paint particles. This can lead to a rougher surface texture that is more likely to gather dust, significantly reducing the quality of the color-coated aluminum coil. Roll-coated color aluminum coils also offer several advantages such as minimal color variation, a softer appearance, and because the surface is very smooth, it is very easy to clean and not prone to scratching. Although the price is relatively higher, the cost-performance ratio is very high.

The stability and robustness of its chemical structure endow fluorocarbon coatings with physical properties that are distinct from ordinary coatings. In addition to excellent wear resistance and impact resistance in terms of mechanical properties, they particularly exhibit long-lasting color retention and UV protection in harsh climates and environments. After being baked at high temperatures to form a film, the molecular structure within the coating becomes compact, resulting in exceptional weather resistance.

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