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Anodized Aluminum Craft Wire Rolls

Anodized aluminum wires is most used to make crafts, jewelrys, cable, gardening, and other decorative items, it divided into pure aluminum wire, alloy aluminum wire, color aluminum wire, carved aluminum wire, nail line, Screw line, rivet aluminum wire, hard wire, medium hard wire, full soft wire, square wire, flattened wire, etc.

  • Aluminum specification: Φ0.6~Φ9.5mm

  • Aluminum wire cross section: round, square, rectangular, elliptical, irregular shape

  • Aluminum wire surface: copper clad aluminum wire, ladle aluminum wire, nickel plated, galvanized, tin plated, silver plated, gold plated, etc.

Classification Of Craft Aluminum Wire Material

  • 1 series: industrial pure aluminum;

  • 2 series: aluminum-copper alloy,

  • 3 series: aluminum manganese alloy,

  • 4 series: aluminum silicon alloy,

  • 5 series: aluminum-magnesium alloy,

  • 6 series: aluminum magnesium silicon alloy,

  • 7 series: aluminum zinc magnesium copper alloy,

  • 8 Series: Other alloys.

Aluminum wire density: 0.0022 g/cm³.

Aluminum wire calculation formula: W(kg/m) = square of diameter * length * 0.0022.

Aluminum wire hardness (soft material, hard material): all soft material,hard material, 1/2H, H, O state, M state (soft), H12 (1/4 hard), H14 (semi-hard), H24 (semi-hard), H18 (hard), H26 (3/4 hard), H32 (1/4 hard), etc.

The company has obtained ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and ISO14000 environmental certification.

All manufactured products have SGS reports and material certificates for ROHS directives.

Can be customized according to customer's requirements of material, hardness, thickness, length, width, welcome to inquire, purchase!

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