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AA-8030 Ground Aluminum Cable Wires

Aluminum alloy cable wires use AA8030 series aluminum alloy material as conductor, aluminum alloy cable wires whole performance improved compare with pure aluminum cable, the bend performance, creep resistance and corrosion resistance has greatly improved, and can guarantee the aluminum cable wires keep stable performance in long time loaded and over heated process.

The Advantages Of AA-8030 Ground Aluminum Cable Wires

Corrosion wear resistance

Add chemical elements such as rare earth, improve the corrosion resistance,especially the electrochemical corrosion and solves the problem of electrochemical corrosion of pure aluminum at joints for a long time.

Mechanical behavior

Tensile strength and elongation, bending properties, flexibility, all these properties has better improved

Creep resistance

The creep resistance of AA8000 series aluminum alloy is 300% of pure aluminum conductor, which greatly reduces the possibility of cable joint slack and improves the connection of conductors.

Flame retardant performance

The insulating material of aluminum alloy cable is made of XLPE. The self-locking armor structure is adopted in the process. The heat dissipation performance is far superior than PVC material, which can quickly dissipate heat. After the flame disappears, the flame can be quickly extinguished. It does not extend other materials and has excellent flame retardant properties. Aluminum alloy cables ground wires use new materials and new processes to ensure safer use.

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